It’s your time to bloom!

Hello, I’m Marian Blum.
I offer wellness coaching and acupuncture for healing and thriving.

We know that lifestyle improvements like eating better, moving more, and stressing less are enormously supportive of our health and well-being. But many of us struggle with adopting and sustaining healthy habits. Wellness coaching guides you to create a robust self-care foundation so you can live your best, most beautiful life. 

Acupuncture is a safe and gentle medical treatment that enhances your body’s self-healing ability. Through the placement of fine, sterile needles at strategic locations on your body, pain is alleviated, and balanced physiology restored. 

COVID-19 Notice: Due to the pandemic, acupuncture services are suspended at this time. Enter your email address here to receive updates on re-opening. It’s never been a better time to address chronic lifestyle conditions with wellness coaching. Contact me for a free initial conversation, or call 831-373-6600. I’d love to guide you towards blooming!