Break up with perfection.
Turn towards balance, a gentler love.

I will always love perfection,
but I have to break up with it
every day, in every way.

What drew me to Chinese Medicine
was balance: we come

from nature and return to it.
I find more balance when I
dance with nature, both inside
and out. Balancing is without
end. It eschews
perfection. It’s inherently
abiding, and messy.

As I look towards balance, 
beauty is everywhere: in the dying
oak tree and my sore tooth. (yes, even that!)
I receive the insights I need
to care for myself
and embrace all beings and
all rivers and all deserts
with whom
I belong.

Seeking balance with food is
one small yet enormous choice
I make again and again
to turn away from
the roller coaster of the perfect
taste sensation,
and turn towards that which nurtures
my flowering.

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