Wellness Coaching

I work with people who are concerned about their cardiometabolic health. Their blood sugar may be going up or maybe it’s their blood cholesterol levels. They don’t want to be diagnosed with diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Their doctor may already be suggesting medications as an option, and they do not want to be on medications! They want to get healthier using lifestyle changes alone. And they’re ready to go for it!

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If this is you, I’m glad you found me! I applaud you for taking prevention seriously.

I’m a health coach. Here’s how I approach preventing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

First, I lean heavily towards plants–eating MORE whole plants. Almost everyone can benefit. I’m talking about legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. And mushrooms, and let’s not forget mushrooms! If you want to get more plants on your plate, I’m 100% on board!

Plants are powerful but they’re not the whole picture. Everything you do contributes to your health. If someone is chronically stressed, or not getting enough sleep–that affects blood sugar, too. We can address any aspect of your lifestyle that you WANT to address and that we think will make a difference.

Most people don’t need to watch more youtube videos telling them what to eat. They need help with the HOW. How do you make eating MORE plants work for YOU? This is what I focus on. I support you to grow lifestyle habits you LOVE that get you the results you want.

When we work together, we use evidence-based guidelines and resources–NO BS. You receive information as you need it, so you don’t get overwhelmed but you have what you need to make steady progress. You choose what you want to try out and you learn what works for you. Most important, I guide you to tune into yourself. To understand your needs, your values and YOUR goals so you can be successful in a deeper, more lasting way.

This isn’t like putting on a new OUTFIT– a lifestyle OUTFIT that LOOKS fantastic at first … but turns out to be too tight and itchy. No. It’s more like you get more comfortable in your own skin so no matter what you wear, you look and feel better–from the inside out.

You’ll hear me use a lot of Nature metaphors because that’s how I see things. I guide my clients to GROW healthy habits. To CULTIVATE self-kindness. It’s so important to HARVEST the learnings from your experiments.

Humans are part of Nature. But we’ve become too separated from it: from Nature outside us, and from our own Nature. Our modern consumer culture tempts us constantly with manufactured food and distracting media. It’s everywhere, all the time! It’s not all bad but it’s so easy to overdo and forget our needs. If we want to live long and strong today, we need to get on our own side and prioritize our health and well-being. 

What this looks like is listening to your body, and moving it in enjoyable ways. Eating foods closer to their natural forms. And, bringing awareness to everything that’s special about you and important to you like your values, your passions, your strengths and your purpose. I call these your inner natural resources and I show you how to leverage them to get healthier.

If your blood sugar or cholesterol are trending higher, that’s a wake-up call. Not everyone realizes that. On the CDC website you can see some heartbreaking statistics. An estimated 1 in 3 American adults had prediabetes in 2021. And, only 20% of them knew they had it. You’re aware of the risks of these blood markers and you’re willing to do something about it now.  This is the perfect time to start making lifestyle changes. The changes you make today are an investment. They’ll keep paying you dividends into the future. Eating more plants is a very effective strategy for getting healthier. I’d love to show you HOW to make it work for you.

I offer 1-to-1 coaching sessions and small group programs–all online. If you’re on my email list, you’ll receive occasional blog posts and announcements. And you’ll be invited to my free “Ask me anything” sessions once a month. 

I hope to meet you soon!

Marian’s background

and approach to wellness

Karen: Marian, I’m really curious to hear a little bit more about your story. How did you get started as a health coach? 

Marian: I’ve always been interested in health and healing. My own healing has been a really big part of that. And then naturally I wanted to help other people as I became more and more whole and grounded in myself. And looking back, I would say that there was always a theme of becoming more aligned with nature. I liked to be outdoors. I felt inspired by nature. I had empathy for animals from when I was a really young child. And I saw people as part of nature. I wanted to grow and thrive and I wanted to see people around me thrive, too.

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So I became a body worker, a massage practitioner, when I was in my late 20s at Esalen Institute. And I loved doing that work. And then I heard about Chinese medicine which is a very holistic approach to human health. It sees humans as part of nature. And it’s very strongly into preventative medicine. I love that. So I became an acupuncturist–a Chinese medicine practitioner. It’s been 24 years that I’ve been in private practice. About 10 years ago I heard about wellness coaching. I had been frustrated with a lot of my acupuncture clients because I felt like what they needed was preventive medicine, specifically self-care, and that they weren’t getting support for that. And I could only support them a little bit in their acupuncture treatments with me and I wanted to do more. So I decided to study coaching and learn how to work with people to help them grow healthier lifestyle habits.

K: You’ve alluded a little bit to areas of health that are most important to you. Health coaching is such a very broad field. So curious to hear more about what your particular focus or specialty within coaching is?

M: I coach mostly people who want to eat a plant-based diet. I made a transition in 2007 to plant -based (that’s a whole other story). I’m not perfectionistic about telling people how to eat. I think that our bodies are highly adaptable. People can eat some animal products and be healthy. I want people to find the way to eat that supports their health.

And of course, every aspect of self-care matters: how we move our bodies, how we work with ourselves around our emotions and our thoughts, the relationships we have with other people. So we’re very integrated systems. There’s nothing that isn’t part of lifestyle in a way, you know, that isn’t part of our well -being. So I like to work wherever somebody is at and help them improve their self-care.

K: And most of the people you’re working with are eating primarily a plant-based diet, and then you also guide them to have a healthy lifestyle overall.

M: Yes, exactly. So I work, I would say, with two different types of people: those who just want to eat more plants, get more plants on their plate for whatever reason, and then people who may be pretty happy with their predominantly plant-based diet but they want to get healthier by eating more wholesome foods or also upleveling their other lifestyle habits.

K: Oh, fantastic. So there’s both, like the group of people who want to focus maybe a little bit more on nutrition and eating more plants, and then people who are already eating a plant -based diet and want to have that broader look at their overall health.

So how do you work with these people? Do you give them meal plans and recipes? What can someone expect if they work with you?

M: The most important part is, sometimes people think of health coaching as pushing themselves. And what’s really important to me is that you feel gently challenged. You feel like you’re growing at a level that feels good to you. So it’s not about me pushing you and it’s not about you pushing you. I get people more grounded in what’s important to them, in their whole lives, and then cultivate the conditions so that they can express more of that in their lives. And usually they have a particular outcome they’re looking for, like they’re trying to lower their hemoglobin A1C or their cholesterol or something like that or lose a little belly fat.

And then there’s a process of experimenting. They try out different behaviors for a week and see how it goes. And we always reflect and learn from those experiments. That’s an important part that people often don’t give themselves if they’re just on their own and they don’t have a coach.

There’s so much we can learn when we reflect on what’s happening, what’s really happening, and what does that tell me about how I want to move forward? So things like meal plans or recipes–I share resources as they’re relevant. But there’s so much of that online. I don’t feel like I need to provide that as well. I focus more on helping people do what it is that they want to do.

K: How do you help people identify and express what’s really important to them? And then relate that to having a healthy lifestyle?

M: Really good question. (laughs) So, I’m basically helping them bridge between the things that are important to them and how they take care of themselves. And there are many ways that they can apply what’s important to them to how they’re taking care of themselves. So I’m going to give you just a little bit of my methodology.

As I see it, we all contain inner resources, I like to call them our Inner Natural Resources because they are natural to being human. And these are your values, your passions, your purpose in life, if you feel like you have one, and your strengths, the things you’re good at, even your skills. To varying degrees, we’re living those things, or we’re not so much living them. And so, the upper level view of this is that I help you grow those–grow your awareness of those, and apply them and engage them more in your life for your own benefit. And, it turns out, the benefit of the people around you who you care about.

As I see it, our consumer culture is distracting us with media, tempting us with too much food. And it takes us away from our true needs and these values that we all hold. It’s like a David and Goliath story that the culture is the Goliath, and we need to be clever and draw upon our resources in order to basically subdue the culture.

I would say we want to shift the culture ultimately to truly benefit us, and our children. Life is this incredible opportunity to live our values, engage with the world, and give our gifts to the world. And this opportunity isn’t going to last forever. So self-care is like the foundation of our capacity to engage with the world and give our gifts and take care of our children.

Self -care allows us to, allows me, you know, to live strong and long, stronger and longer, to avoid chronic lifestyle diseases that cause us so much pain and suffering and also the suffering of our loved ones because they don’t want to see us suffer, right? It’s all about extending our health span. And, you know, I’m a bit of a health nerd, but not everybody needs to get self -care perfect. It’s just about doing enough so that you feel vibrant–so that you feel you’ve done your best to create a long life for yourself. And as I look around, I see so many people who would benefit from more self-care. My work is to inspire and support them to really get on their own side–to turn away from consumer culture enough that it doesn’t depress them and deplete them.

K: It sounds like the work that you’ve done in aligning your values and finding this path for living longer and stronger is bringing purpose for you to also help people do the same thing, right? To turn inward and use their inner resources and values to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

M: Exactly, so while my values around, say, plant-based are mine, people may have different values, different reasons they wanna be plant-based than my reasons, and that’s fine. I want to help others develop their purpose and passions and values and live them.

K: Yeah, so helping people eat a more plant-based diet, you know, be healthier, and then also aligning with nature inside and out.

M: Exactly, because I see all these Inner Natural Resources as nature and so we’re like gardeners of our own little gardens and and it’s important that we tend to them. There is an aspect of duty here. I think that’s kind of a heavy word but I think of it as both a privilege to be alive, and to honor nature inside us can be seen as a duty. I would even say it’s a sacred duty. And I appreciate those two sides–I’m grateful that this is both my job and it’s my privilege.

When I was growing up, I remember the Geritol commercials. This is in the 60s. And there would be, you know, some attractive cowgirl saying something like: “When you’ve got your health, you’ve got just about everything.” Well, she said it a lot better. Maybe I heard too many of those commercials, because I agree that health really helps.

K: Yeah, and as you said, it’s not something that has to be where we’re constantly pushing ourselves or feeling like there’s this level of resistance. With your guidance people can achieve the health that they want in a fulfilling and enjoyable way.

M: Yeah, that’s the idea. That’s what inspires me: to help people do it in a way that feels like they’re just becoming more of who they are. You know, it’s like being a bud that’s blooming. My last name just happens to be Blum, so I used that for my business name: Bluming Wellness, because it really feels like that to me. It feels like when I see people, I see what wants to bloom in them, and I want to nurture that. And then I want to help them realize that they can nurture it and feel their own power to do that. With all the global crises that we’re experiencing now, I really feel like that’s something that’s really important to me. I feel urged into action. I’m kind of a shy person, and I feel like I’ve had all these desires to be of service and I’ve kind of sat on them and not fully expressed them. But I feel like this coaching that I love is my gift. It’s my duty and privilege to get out there. When I get out of bed in the morning…if I can inspire somebody today to cherish their body and honor this brief time that they have on this absolutely extraordinary planet, that really fulfills me. So, yeah, and if enough of us do this, take on this duty and privilege of caring for our bodies better, then we’re going to cultivate a healthier culture and a more sustainable way of life, more aligned with nature, and we can feel good at the end of our lives that we did what we could and that we’re passing along the best chances of survival to our children.

K: Absolutely. And as someone who’s had the wonderful opportunity to work with you as a coach, I can say that you’ve helped me tremendously in, you know, tuning in to my values and to my inner strengths. And then, one of the beauties of health coaching is that there’s this great ripple effect, right? Like how you helped me find my purpose and my passion, it then allows me to help other people do the same. So thank you for what you helped me find within myself and I just wanna say that I know there are so many others who will appreciate and grow with your support–your wisdom and guidance and support.

M: Well, thank you, Karen. I wasn’t expecting you to say that. Yeah, it was beautiful to work with you as a fellow coach. I really enjoyed that and I’m glad that it was good for you too, and we can feel those ripple effects in our clients as well. Thanks.

K: So you work with people who want to eat more plants and get healthy and really align with nature inside and out.

M: Yes, exactly. And mostly I’m working with people who are middle-aged and they’re seeing their blood markers going up like their blood sugar or their cholesterol and they maybe saw what happened with their parents or other loved ones with chronic lifestyle disease and they don’t want to go there. Their doctor might be saying hey maybe time for meds soon  so this is the best time to intervene. It’s fantastic because you realize, sometimes the younger people don’t realize the risks that are ahead so they’re not willing to make any changes but if you’re at that point where you’re realizing your body isn’t going to just keep going on whatever you’re feeding it, that you need to do a better job, that’s a great time to intervene. You can still do so much to extend your healthspan. So that’s generally the group I work the most with. I try to make it a fulfilling journey for them and challenge them at that Goldilocks level, where it’s just not too soft and not too hard, and they feel alive and happy to do the work.

K: Finding that sweet spot of it being just right.

M: Yes, exactly. Of course, we err on the side of, “Oh, that was a little too much” It’s like sailing. You go, up and down and back and forth and you find your groove really.

K: yeah coaching involves some degree of helping people course correct and and being okay with that. It’s all about learning from those corrections and knowing that they are part of the journey.

M: Totally. We’re not supposed to be perfect. Do you see anything in nature that is perfect?

K: Oh, and that’s the beauty of it.

There are so many things you did for me, Marian. You led me to have a positive outlook. I didn’t have that before we started the coaching sessions. (I am a positive person, but my idea of how I was eating was negative.) Also, you led me to realize that I have self-confidence hidden under massive problems with overeating. Thank you for this! Before we started I did not have a lot of hope that I could lose weight and keep it off. Today I am able to effortlessly plan my meals and eat healthy food without feeling like I’m deprived. Thank you!!! You are a wonderful coach! Hopefully many other people benefit from what you do. It truly changed my life!


~ Elizabeth S.

I worked with Marian for a year, both 1-on-1 and in groups.  Both were powerful and effective. Her guidance has been invaluable to me in making better choices around my health. She helped me get deeply connected with my values of health and freedom so I could finally release an addiction to coffee and binge eating.  

I felt like Marian saw my highest self, saw me with my goals achieved, believed I could, and that made the difference in helping me get more grounded in myself and move forward. In the groups, Marian created a supportive, judgment free space for us to honestly open up, be heard and support one another. I am eternally grateful for our time together. I highly recommend Marian as a Lifestyle Coach!

~ Lara Hedin, mother, yoga teacher

I’m so impressed by Marian’s coaching style. She’s extraordinarily gentle but gets to the point. Often I find that something she says brings up resistance in me, but later realize she’s introduced a very helpful new perspective I would not have gotten on my own. She has a wealth of experience and sensitivity to offer and has moved the needle for me significantly. Other coaching experiences were great but didn’t get to the heart, my heart, which is where I want my focus to be, to really feel the changes I want to make.
Very professional, intelligent, gentle and insightful coaching.
I highly recommend Bluming Wellness.

~ Stacey S.

It was really fun working with Marian as a coach.  She helped me brainstorm and find solutions to progress quickly towards my goals.  I found comfort in sharing my most vulnerable moments.  Working with Marian allowed me to experience more growth each time we met.  Marian was such a blessing during this time and I’m forever grateful for her tips and listening ears. If you’re looking for someone who can help you transform towards a better you, she’s the best! 

~ Sarah B., the Mergoddess (2020 USA National Paralympic swim team)

Marian coached me for 3 months around my food choices and exercise. She helped me to discover and ground myself in my motivation which was very important. Marian came well-prepared to each meeting and broke down the issues into manageable parts. I learned how to build on my successes and examine obstacles so I could improve in the future. Marian provided great resources, too. Coaching was a pleasant and positive experience that I looked forward to each week. It was very helpful to have someone knowledgeable to whom I was accountable so I could progress. I highly recommend Marian as a Wellness Coach extraordinaire!

~ Diane B.

Marian skillfully helped me course correct food choices and behaviors so I can live in alignment with my values. She provided valuable information and I learned so much working with her. She is caring, patient, creative, respectful, and genuinely curious. She guided me to discover my North Star so I can become “my best future self.” Thank you Marian!

~ Maureen M.

Coaching FAQs

Why work with me

Since 2012, I’ve been learning and practicing the most effective coaching methods for achieving lasting behavior change. I’ve completed 2 excellent coach trainings: Wellcoaches and Wellstart Health and have spent hundreds of hours guiding clients to adopt healthier habits. I’ve taught coach trainings. I love helping people! I’ve also had a 20 year career as an acupuncturist in private practice so I’m knowledgeable about many aspects of health. I’ve been passionate about the health benefits of whole foods plant-based diets since 2007, and yet, I’m respectful of each individual’s dietary choices–I don’t push any dietary agenda on my clients, unless you ask me to! 😉

Is coaching like psychotherapy?

Coaching is not psychotherapy, and it’s not a substitute for it. We don’t seek deep understandings of your past, or your psychological make-up. We’re not directly helping you to heal old wounds. We don’t ask “Why…” a whole lot. We’ll focus, instead, on supporting you to take action–the actions that nurture your health and well being. Many clients find coaching to be beneficial to their mental health, because physical and mental health are inextricably linked. Both coaching and psychotherapy have great value.

Do you have a specialty?

I love helping people who want to get healthier by improving any aspect of their lifestyle. I’m particularly passionate about the power of whole foods, plant-centered diets to benefit health and well being. So if you’d like to get more plants on your plate, you’ve definitely come to the right place. I’ve been creative in the kitchen my whole life, ever since I made “Lucy’s lemon squares” from the Peanuts Cookbook at 11. In recent decades, I’ve turned towards healthier fare, focusing on easy, delicious, health-promoting meals. My 21 years as an acupuncturist, and primary care provider, have brought me an understanding of health conditions which is a great help in the coaching process, as well. In 2016, I earned a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from eCornell to grow my knowledge of nutrition. I’ll bring my enthusiasm and experience to the table to make your path to optimal health easier, and tastier.

Will you tell me what to do?

If you want to know WHAT to do, like which type of exercise is best for weight loss, or whether a particular food is ‘good for you’, I’ll gladly share my opinions, and also direct you to other experts. But coaching is not primarily me telling you what to do. It’s more about guiding you towards HOW to make the positive changes YOU want to make. Coaching gets you grounded in your strengths and values. We’ll help you develop strategies and tactics. You’ll gain key insights and self-management skills to help you sustain your progress.

Will our sessions be online?

Yes. All coaching is ‘virtual’. We can use Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing app, or talk on the phone, whichever you prefer.

When are you available?

My business hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

How often will we meet? For how long?

I recommend we start with a 45-minute session. After 1-3 single sessions, when we’ve determined we want to work together on a longer term basis, you can sign up for a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions consist of 2 or 4 sessions per month, scheduled at regular times/days. You’ll select a session length at the time of booking. Any questions? send me an email: hello@blumingwellness.com

What is your fee structure and cancellation policy?

free     Our initial 20 minute conversation where we address all your questions.

$35      15 mins single session
$55      30 mins single session
$70      45 mins single session

When we’ve determined we want to work together for multiple sessions, you receive a discount.

Payment: Payments are due two full business days in advance of each session.

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  9:30 – 5:00 pm

Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please call 831-373-6600 or email support@blumingwellness.com as soon as you know. There’s no charge for changes made at least 2 full business days in advance of your appointment. For late cancellations and missed coaching appointments, there’s a $50 fee.