Three billion years of evolution molded the human body into an exquisitely complex and finely-tuned system. How about we trust our bodies’ intelligence?

Valter Longo, PhD, an eminent longevity researcher, has created nutrition protocols based on the best science available. His fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) is an effective approach to weight management, chronic disease prevention and increasing healthspan. While water fasting can lead to hunger, low energy and loss of lean body mass, the FMD greatly reduces those issues while preserving the huge benefits of fasting. FMD also shows promise for benefitting people with life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease. Longo advises that if we’re interested in treating a disease with FMD, we talk with our health professionals and experts in FMD. He’s founded, a non-profit that provides free access to information and clinical services based on his research. Their videos on youtube are well done! Here’s a wonderful recent interview of Dr Longo on Rich Roll’s podcast.

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