. . . this morning so I started to cry when I heard about the election. It was more uncertainty than I’d hoped for. At first I tried to work anyway. Not happening. Then I headed to the kitchen. Lucky me I realized food wouldn’t solve this. I turned back to the bedroom and lay down on my bed. First I breathed. Deep breath in through the nose, then an added short inhale, then a slow exhale. Three times. (see Andrew Huberman) Then I did a quick self-compassion practice (see Kristin Neff). “This is a moment of suffering. Sadness is a natural part of life. Everyone experiences sadness. Many people are sad around the world…” I followed that with a meditation focusing on Source. When I felt calm and full, I imagined gathering warmth from my heart and sending it out to all who suffer. This helped a lot.

May we all find what we need, as we travel through our darker moments.