Plant-based diet – A general term to describe a diet of primarily plants which is usually chosen for health reasons. The term is often used to refer to 100% plant-derived diets, but may also be used for diets that include modest amounts of animal-based products.

Whole foods plant-based (WFPB) diet – A plant-based diet that focuses on eating plants in their intact, whole form with minimal processing. Some whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, nut butters, etc may be included but the focus is on foods as they’re found in nature: whole wheat berries, oat groats, whole nuts (without the shell!), beans, fruits, vegetables, etc. This term usually refers to 100% plant-based diets.

Coaching and Behavior Change

Everything Howard Jacobson offers online at is brilliant. He’s a writer, thinker, coach and advocate for justice, sustainability and whole foods plant-based living. His humility and sense of humor are disarming, his intelligence incisive, and his ability to unleash fabulous metaphors in casual conversation always makes me smile. Check out his podcast–it’s the best!


Straight Up Food is Cathy Fisher’s cooking and recipe website. She’s a self-taught chef offering tasty, ‘straight up,’ familiar dishes with a super healthy flair. She doesn’t add any refined oils, refined sugars or salt. If you haven’t gone “no-SOS”, no problem; you can add a little of those ingredients to your taste to most recipes (careful with baked goods, however). I have Cathy’s Straight Up Food cookbook which is a reliable resource for simple plant-based recipes and cooking tips–the spiral binding is a big plus.

General Health Resources

Dawn Motyka, MD is a Santa Cruz family physician who specializes in Functional Medicine. She’s a ‘regular’ doctor with a holistic approach. She generously answers questions from callers and emailers on her radio show and you can hear the archives via her podcast or on her website. We are fortunate to have her in our community.