If we eat junk food when we’re feeling badly, we are reinforcing feeling badly! So you may actually find yourself feeling badly MORE often in order so you can indulge your cravings! Now there’s a fierce insight. 

In this brilliant podcast episode, psychologist Glenn Livingston, and Howard Jacobson dive deeply into what to do about emotions that sabotage our healthy eating habits. (Glenn references a study in baboons. I found this one that fits.) When we learn techniques to stop self-medicating with food, we gift ourselves a precious opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with our emotions. And that, in turns, clears our pathway to a healthier, happier life. 

One caveat: Glenn refers to the “Pig” which is an unfortunate name for a voice inside your head that wants you to binge, or engage in any self-destructive behavior. Some people find that name offensive. I urge you not to pre-judge his “Never Binge Again” method based on that one metaphor–there’s much of value in his work.