Around the winter solstice is the darkest time of the year. It’s a natural time to savor resting and sleeping.

It’s also a wonderful time for self-reflection. I like to ask myself questions like: What do I crave more than pie? How do I feed my soul? What really matters to me? When is my heart most open? Who do I want to be in the world? And then just welcome all the answers that flow back.

You can record the questions and play them back to yourself so you can focus on just answering. Try repeating the same question many times to dig deeper. You may be surprised what surfaces.

I like to do this outside. And write the answers in a paper notebook. If you can, try this on a special day, or a time in the day when you feel most connected with yourself and the world.

When you’re done, celebrate! You’ve just grown deeper roots. The foundation of your wellness is your awareness of what’s truly important to you.

(Stay tuned for your next step.)